Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

Wedding Planning

Now that you've found you're dream partner and ready to crement your relationshlp by getting married, you'll want to make sure your special day runs smoothly without a hiccup with the correct wedding planning in place.

Planning your wedding well in advance is best for a number of reasons.  You'll find the whole experience less stressful and even enjoyable.  You'll also probably save money, as you'll have the time to compare services and be flexible and not forced into accepting what's available at the last minute.

Here's a number of vital components to your wedding that you'll want plan out as a priority.

Wedding Date

You may have a personal preference based on an birthday or your anniversary but obviously you'll need to make sure your chosen venue has availability on that date.

Wedding Venue

The ceremony facility, the officiant and wedding reception venue will need to be booked well in advance, especially for popular venues.

Wedding Music

Your wedding theme will possibly play a part in your music selection.  You may choose to have live music or a DJ at your wedding.

Wedding Photographer / Videographer

A quality photographer / videographer is essential, please don't scrimp in this department.  The last thing you want to do is plan a perfect day and then later look back over your wedding footage to find that things weren't captured correctly.

Wedding Caterer

Wedding caterer's can be pretty busy, at least good ones, so book them early and avoid any disappointment.

Your Wedding Guests

Making a list of your guests and who will be invited at what part of the wedding something that should be carefully thoughtout.  It'll affect your budget, the setting plan and maybe your relationship with them, if you mess it up.

Wedding Budget

Wedding costs can quickly get out of control, so setting a strict budget and being realistic is vital.  Wedding's on a tight budget can be just as enjoyable with the right kind of planning.

Wedding Invitations

Letting guests know well in advance.  As a general guidline, eight weeks should be about the right timeline.

As you can see there's many components to a wedding that need to work together to make for a successful wedding day.  Giving yourselves plenty of time will avoid much stress and prevent you wanting a divorce before you've actually got married ;)

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